Another Molestation Case Filed in Bengaluru


One more molestation case registered in Nagawara in North Bengaluru on Friday i.e., on 6th January 2017. The molestation case filed against a man for molesting a 23-year woman from Nagawara in Bengaluru. As per the reports, the woman is sister-in-law for the man in Nagawara. As per the latest reports revealed by the man, he said that he was in an alleged relationship with his sister-in-law. Also, he wished to marry her. Due to an expected objection from his wife and other family members, he had come up with a plan of spotting her as the victim of a sexual attack.

He assumed that if any kind of molestation registered on that woman, no one would dare to marry her. Then, the path clears for him and it would be quite possible for him to marry her. The entire plan of the person reversed when Khan happened to see the CCTV footage of the molestation case of Kammanahalli. However, the police need to find out whether there is an active participation of the woman in this molestation case. As of now, the investigation process of molestation case in Bengaluru is going on and on the process of collection the evidence from the sources.

Another Bengaluru molestation case registered

According to the statement from Hemant Nimbalkar, the Additional Commissioner of Police from East said that a woman from Bengaluru have filed a sombre allegation of molestation case recently. He also said that we endure the investigation process and depending on the collected proofs and evidence, they will continue with the further steps regarding the case. In fact, the woman who filed the molestation case worked in a private company in Koramang ala. She registered a complaint to KG Halli police that a man attacked her near a bus station on Nagawara Main road at 6 AM on Friday at the time of heading to work.

As per the statements from the woman, the man grabbed her and also bit her. Later, she got treatment for the bite marks on the woman’s lips and also for the bruises. On Saturday, the woman completely changed her report saying that she herself bites her lips. This change in her statement raised doubts and confusion regarding the whole incident. Later, Khan completely revealed the truth about the case.


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