Cab Drivers Attack Ola Office in Kukatpally


Cab Drivers Attack the Ola Office in Kukatpally!

Hyderabad: Ola cabs are one of the most rated popular modes of transportation letting the user’s travels easily from one location to other. The company works in many cities of the country and helps the travelling easily. There are several branch offices of the company in every area and is giving strong competition to its components in the market. With the Uber and other facilities, the company is said to face some economic loss that is a matter of great worry. In spite of removing great offers, add on features and other interesting services like free rides, Ola Micro mini cabs and more, the company still failed to gear up the percentage in the past few months. The latest news which draws our attention in this entire article is that several cab drivers of Hyderabad have attacked the Ola Can services at Kukatpally On Thursday.

The entire incident took place on Thursday at the Kukatpally branch Ola office where the drivers were seen in grief breaking the furniture at the office. They also broke the windows panes and damaged the furniture. The picture of the same is uploaded on the site where in you can Cleary saw a group of people standing and being controlled by the bouncers who were trying to get the situation under control. The Ola cab drivers blamed the company for their loss. The further matter went furious and rigorous where in the Ola employees and other bouncers stepped in to prevent them and stopped them from the rampage. Well, the Ola is true to be blamed for the loss or no we will get to know in the upcoming posts.  For now, it’s only one sided news that came in view. We will have to wait to know the other side of the story. Stay connected with us.

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