Karnataka Minister Methi Resigns after Video Surfaces


Karnataka: Yesterday the Excise Minister for the state of Karnataka Mr. Methi gave in his resignation. This was soon after there was a video surfacing showing him with a woman who reportedly came to him for help. One person called Rajashekher Murali who is an RTI activist alleged he was threatened by Mr. Methi’s supporters and released the video. The Chief Minister of Karnataka State Tweeted, “Excise Minister HY Methi has resigned. I have recommended to the governor to accept the resignation. I have also ordered a probe.”

Mr. Methi asked CM for Probe

Mr. Methi also said that he asked the State of Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramaiah to order an investigation into the issue. The 71-year-old Excise Minister earlier outright dismissed the claims of the allegations and the videotape that surfaced. He added that he does not have any enemies. Once the issue came up the minister earlier said, “…All the reports that are coming on TV channels are false. I don’t know who that RTI activist is, I only saw him on TV today.” The Minister also challenged the activist to produce the video and also prove his allegations.

Karnataka Excise Minister Resigns

The Karnataka State Excise Minister denied the allegations but said he is resigning so this issue does not cause embarrassment to the government of any sort. He denied that he did anything wrong. In the recent past too, a minister belonging to the Congress Government Mr. Tanveer Sait was scrolling through some explicit photographs on his phone. The cameras caught him doing this. So the Government of the Mr. Siddaramaiah Party was earlier embarrassed too due to this minister caught scrolling through the pictures on his phone. The Excise Minister of the State of Karnataka Mr. Methi resigns on Wednesday.

Minister Methi’s sex tape :


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